Warranty & Legal

Prices are subject to market changes. Prices are generally firm for 30 days unless noted. Prices are subject to raw material fluctuations. Quantities are subject to a tolerance of: (+/-10%) unless agreed to in writing. Custom bags are subject to an overrun or under run of (+/- 25%) quantity. Tolerances: Due to standard industry manufacturing practice of running bags with a 10% gauge variation, Base Plastics reserves the right to schedule all bags with a 10% gauge tolerance.

WARRANTY: User assumes all risks resulting from the use of our products and must confirm adaptability thereof by their own tests. Liability will not exceed value of the material sold. We reserve the right to employ various new technologies due to advances in the polyethylene industry which may alter the structure or configuration of material used to manufacture the above. This does not void or change our warranty; the products supplied will function in a satisfactory manner. Any claims for damages or shortages must be noted on bill of lading at time of delivery. If acknowledgment is not returned and changes noted within 48 hours it will be assumed that order will be entered as per above.