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is a revolutionary
plastic that is
remarkably strong
and tensile even
at lighter gauges.
By far our most
popular product, Elasticene has numerous uses in many industries, in packaging, film, bags and more.
Learn more
We’ll send you a FREE
test card with samples of
Elasticene and of
conventional film of the
same gauge. Try to stretch
and puncture the two with
your finger. You’ll experience the Elasticene difference firsthand!
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You’ll find an incredible array of high-quality, innovative resin-based products, both stock and custom. You’ll discover a remarkably helpful and knowledgeable staff that can provide you with expert advice on how to best meet your industry’s specific needs. You’ll be pleased and amazed at how quickly BASE will expedite your order. Because at BASE, we believe that plastics are not a problem – they’re the solution!