Elasticene is a revolutionary plastic that is remarkably strong and tensile even at lighter gauges. By far our most popular product, Elasticene has numerous uses in many industries, in packaging, film, bags and more. Elasticene is also extremely cost-efficient, as it offers the same security and durability as thicker products for less. Likewise, greater quantities of this versatile plastic can be ordered and stored than its thicker-gauged counterparts.

Consider the Elasticene advantage:

  • Stronger product
  • Greater yield (more bags per case or roll)
  • More competitive pricing
  • More ecologically-sound

Too good to be true? Test it out!

We’ll send you a test card with samples of Elasticene and of conventional film of the same gauge. Try to stretch and puncture the two with your finger. You’ll experience the Elasticene difference firsthand!

  • Environmentally friendly products and operations
  • Extensive recycling programs
  • Constant quality control oversight
  • Technological research
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Positive work environment
  • Excellent management/employee communication
  • Diversified suppliers, specifically identifying quality minority enterprises
  • Member, Minority Business Council
  • Women’s Minority Business Council, approval pending