Recycling Programs

BASE Plastics is a leader in implementing innovative programs to maximize the scope and efficiency of our recycling. We recover both post-industrial and post-consumer plastic scrap for recycling, totaling over 50 million pounds of recycled plastics in 2006.

Some of the very successful recycling programs BASE offers include:

  • Closed Loop Recycle Programs

    Plastic bags and film are collected, recycled, and channeled into the same market application. The airline industry is just one example of this program’s successful implementation.

  • Baler Programs

    BASE Plastics maintains scrap balers at customer locations to efficiently collect and store scrap for recycling.

  • Drop Trailer Programs

    Truck trailers are stationed at a variety of industrial sites, to accumulate scrap for cost-effective shipping to the recycling location.

  • Purchase Contracts

    BASE Plastics purchases plastic scrap for recycling at pre-negotiated prices.

  • Open Market Purchases

    Scrap for recycling is obtained directly from waste haulers, recycling centers, brokers, dealers or other generators.

  • Toll Reprocessing Programs

    BASE Plastics recycles plastic scrap into pellets for other companies.

For more information about BASE Plastics recycling programs, please contact Joe Rosenberg at joro@baseplastics.com.