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We'll send you a FREE test card with samples of Elasticene and of conventional film of the same gauge. Try to stretch and puncture the two with your finger. You'll experience the Elasticene difference firsthand!
Since 1977, BASE Plastics has been a leader in the plastics industry, providing a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art products, including bags, film, liners, covers, sheeting, and tubing. We produce a broad spectrum of stock items, but specialize in custom orders of all types. BASE offers huge gauge capabilities ranging from .00035 to .012, for virtually every need. Additionally, we manufacture a full line of both FDA approved as well as reprocessed resin materials.
At BASE Plastics, we’re obsessive about quality control. As a privately owned company, we have the capability of thorough production oversight. We only use the finest resins available on the market. Moreover, only 100% pure resins are used. Our plastics are truly down-gaugeable, which translates into consistent savings for our clients, who enjoy greater strength with less weight for a better price.
BASE Plastics is a dynamic, cutting edge manufacturer. We carefully monitor technological developments in the constantly evolving field of polyethylene. We have gained international acclaim as the innovators and manufacturers of Elasticene, a breakthrough product with extraordinary strength and tensile properties. Our customers enjoy considerable savings with these low gauge yet versatile items.
In addition to our main manufacturing center in Orangeburg, NY, BASE maintains a network of plants and satellite storage sites that spans the United States from coast to coast. Our size allows tremendous flexibility in the rapid production and processing of orders.
We have earned a reputation in the industry as the kings of customer service. Whether it’s an emergency rush order that you need by yesterday, advice about which product or size will work best for you, or a question concerning your order, our knowledgeable staff is always available to help you with whatever you need. They provide solutions, not excuses.
At BASE Plastics we get things done quickly and efficiently. We offer rapid quotes, speedy lead times and quick turnaround on all orders and samples. We can anticipate orders based on customers’ history, and stock their custom items in advance. Our sophisticated computer system with bar-coding and custom labeling helps us accelerate the process. BASE even maintains an entire fleet of trucks so we can get things moving immediately, without being limited to a delivery company’s schedule.
Our Team :
The BASE Plastics team is dynamic and energetic. They are determined to consistently meet and exceed customers’ expectations, and work hard to constantly improve their performance. The team members are goal-oriented to achieve 100% customer satisfaction – and the results are apparent.
The Bottom Line:
At the end of the day, it all adds up to one thing: increased profits for your company. The math is simple – our enormous capabilities, flexibility, and technologically superior products, plus our rapid turnaround and ability to custom-design the product that best suits your needs, all add up to unbeatable savings and a hassle-free experience.
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